AN Fittings and Hose

We sell quality AN fittings and hose. Also can install a show quality setup on your engine for a decent price. No one local sells AN fitting so we have taken this on and will keep accumulating a larger stock on AN fittings until we have everything in stock you could ever want. We can explain and show you the difference between the cheap stuff you see online and the good stuff the racers use. The best places to use steel braided or nylon braided hose. We can also help you with brackets and clamps to keep your hoses where they belong.

OBD1 Tuning and Modification

Have spent years working on OBD1 Tnue Port Injection. Have problems with a TPI and want to keep it all original or looking original. We got your back on this one. Want to get that TPI running good enough to keep up with today's cars or al least hold it's own. There is a way to do that too. We can even build you a nice Tune Port setup from scratch for your show car. Although that is limited on what we have in stock, we know how to find the parts and can get them and/or install them for you. Tuning with a special chip that can be modified again later if you decide to make more changes. If you can dream it up we would love to try and pull it off.

Notary Public

Notary onsite or can come to you. Give us a call to make an appointment.

Epoxy Art

Whats better than hot rod parts?

We are doing epoxy art too! Made from the finest epoxy to display proudly for years to come. Will be constantly adding new pieces as we create them. Will also be offering custom pieces. Have a treasure you would like  in a decorative piece, we work with you on that too.

Performance Transmission Work

Transmission work on Glide, TH350, TH400, 700R4, 4L60E & 4L80E. Installing shift kits, modifications and full rebuilds. Give us a call.

Engine building

Old school boring using boring bar. Has worked for years. Done many of them. Bore and hone to piston size with exact tolerances. Gap rings for how the engine will be run. Measure and blueprint cylinders, rods, crank. Degree in camshafts and more.

Minor Head Work

Valve jobs need to be done on new heads. They are mass produced and there is not a lot of care taken getting them out the door. We can double check them and be sure your valves fit the seats the best they can. Check out you old set of heads and tell you what condition they are really in.

Head and Intake porting

From gasket matching to porting the full intake. Give us a call and lets see if we can get you what you need.