About Us

Brainstormed to be a unique and individualized speed shop in May of 2023, Hot Rod Daycare is the dream of Shannon Jordan. We strive to be the place you come for your needs, be it performance, upgrades, enhancements, and everything you need to make your car what you want out of it. We pride ourselves with thinking outside of the box and giving you choices that you won't find anywhere else. As we continue to grow and expand we will continue offering top of the line products to our customers and with excellent customer service that will make you come back again and again. We want each person who purchases from us to feel like a family. 

Shannon Jordan's love affair with cars spans over thirty years. He has continually expanded his knowledge of all things automotive from engines to transmissions, and body work. In dealing with confined conditions, lack of reliable part sourcing and general frustration in car building he came up with the idea for Hot Rod Daycare. A comprehensive shop filled with what he would want on a car, and to help build a car. Helping hobbyist like himself build loud machines is his goal. 

At Hot Rod Daycare we strive to gain your trust in helping you find your answers and making your hot rod dreams come true. We appreciate every customer and give each equal attention.  It takes months to get a new customer but only minutes to lose one.  We believe the customer comes first and we are not interested in just a sale.  We are looking for life long term customers.