What is the traveling expert service?

This is a traveling mechanic. To start we are offing road side and emergency help with your vehicle. Will be expanding on this as we go to include help with your garage, car, truck etc. We can help when you problem is the only vehicle you have and you can't leave it at a shop.

Where do I go if the part I bought was defective?

You should call or bring the item to us. We will always take your part with the manufacturer. If your not happy, were not happy!

Contact us at sales@hotroddaycare.com or call 620-454-5995

Are you stocking parts or just ordering them when orders come in?

We are using our resources the best we can getting started. Any profit goes right back to buying parts. The smaller more common parts are coming first. We have a goal to get all the AN fittings stocked first, then it's on to common items. Most products you see in the store we can have for you the next day. So even a order placed at midnight we should be able to have it here for you the next day. No drop shipping! Once inventory gets built up a little we will add more shipping options.

Do you accept returns?

Sure we do. There may be custom orders that will be a little different, but we will always work with you and do our best to offer a full refund on unused products.

Contact us at sales@hotroddaycare.com or call 620-454-5995

I own a business, can I get a discount?

We can offer discounts to local businesses. This will get better the longer we are around. We are focused on local shops and racers alike. 

How does your local delivery work?

As we are just getting started we will be personally getting items you order for local delivery brought right to you. Working on your project in the garage this weekend? You can order the performance parts you are needing during the week and we can bring it out to you when your there ready for it.

Once USPS gets their local delivery active for this area will will also be taking advantage of that too.

Once we get the brick and mortar store setup and operating there are plans to immediately run parts out to you. Say your MSD box quit while you were racing at the track and you didn't have a backup. Our plan is to have you covered. The longer we are around the more instant gratification you will be getting from us. So your support bounces right back to us supporting you.

What kind of speed shop is this really?

It's the kind of speed shop I always wanted to see. The feeling you get when you walk into a Summit Racing Store, I want to give that feeling to the local community. It's going to take some time, but this was not a spur of the moment idea. I have worked on how to make this a reality for a long time. I am taking the best of my ideas and making it work. Retail is not the easiest to get started and make a profit. Without profit I can't keep offering more. There is also a plan to do some manufacturing. This will start small also and work up to a bigger building with more employees.

Right now we need to get the word out and show everyone we mean business!